12 pages hrm term paper project 1

Hello we need someone to do a 12 pages ( not including references) Human Resource Management project about:

” HRM wellness program to promote health and safety at workplace “

We need it on the 25th of April (this month)

Instruction for project :

10-minium page paper with title page, body with an introduction, body-to include subheadings, conclusions. Double-spaced-times roman, 12 pica with 1 inch margins.

You may do the term paper individually or in groups up to six. However, for each additional group member you must add 2 full pages of writing. For example you have two friends who want to write with you. In which case you would have to have at least 14 pages-remmember that the title title page, graphs, charts, referencs do not toward the 10-page minium or in the example case-14 pages.

Write your paper from the prespective or the employee/manager-not the employee
At least one graph or chart. If there is only one then it must depict your central theme or argument.
At least six references-cannot be a blog, articles cited must be at least 5 or more pages-you may cite blogs and textbook but they do not count toward your six references.
No plagiarism and/or copying another person’s paper-this will result in an F grade-if you quote something cite it…many cites are good few are not. You may use the citing format you prefer but list with one you use in your references and the link to it. You got all the information from somewhere-cite it.
Must be 10 full pages of writing-title page, graphs or charts, references do not count toward the 10 pages. 10 point per page penalty for not researching the minimum number of pages.

Writing tips include but not limited to:

Introduction should be 1-2 paragraphs introducing the topic and giving reason(s) or data why it is so important to write about. Also, and overview of what you plan to write about.
Paper must have subheadings. This allows the writer not to have perfect transition and it highlights to the reader important areas, issues, or topics.
Conclusions should be 1-2 paragraphs stating what it all means.
Never use I in formal writing.
Paragraphs are 4-6 sentences. Whenever there is a change in thought, it marks a new paragraph.

Write the paper as you would in industry. For example: Why is this issue so important…what the advantages or disadvantages or strengths or weakness…how do we do it implemented, should we? Why?


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